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Official Announcement from the editor of BIRD TALK Magazine


By Laura Doering

Posted: July 18, 2012, 1:45 p.m. PST


Dear friends of BIRD TALK,

I am sorry to confirm the news that Bird Talk magazine has ceased publication, effective immediately.


The September 2012 issue was the last issue. We were waiting to issue an official announcement after we had the opportunity to personally contact BIRD TALK's longtime contributing authors and photographers and to send a letter to our loyal readers.

You can find out about your subscription information by going to the customer service link here or call 800-695-6088. Subscriber letters will be sent next week.

The BIRD TALK staff is deeply saddened to see the magazine fold after 30 years of publication as the world’s largest pet bird magazine, and we are truly thankful for all of our loyal readers. BIRD TALK's mission has always been to provide the best care for pet birds so that they not only survive, but thrive as valued members of the family. Bird Talk’s mission, thankfully, will continue on through its website BirdChannel.com and annual magazine Birds USA.

Birds USA magazine is published annually so bird enthusiasts can still enjoy a print magazine dedicated to better care for pet birds. Birds USA’s latest issue, due to hit newsstands near the end of the year, features many of BIRD TALK's popular authors and is a go-to guide for avian health, housing, nutrition, behavior and training, as well as species profiles. And for all of you who took the time to contribute photos of your birds to BIRD TALK's reader-favorite “Watch The Birdie” column, there’s still the opportunity to see your bird’s photo in print; submit a photo to the Birds USA annual photo contest here.

Over the past several years, more and more parrot and pet bird enthusiasts have been going online for information and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The resources used to produce BIRD TALK will now be dedicated to growing BirdChannel.com and ensuring that it has the most reliable bird information available online. BirdChannel.com will continue to serve the avian community with expert-written pet bird information, as well as exclusive interviews and news, product reviews, bird events and more. BirdChannel.com continues to grow, and I hope you log on and join its enthusiastic and active online community.

The staff at BIRD TALK  is truly sad to see our beloved magazine go. After 30 years of publication, it is much more than a product; BIRD TALK was a community of its own and we have our readers to thank for that. On a personal note, I will be contributing to BirdChannel.com and Birds USA magazine as a freelance writer. It has been a privilege to interact with such a passionate pet community and to have had the opportunity to devote my workday to a tremendously inspiring topic – better care for pet birds.


Laura Doering



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